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Thursday, 2 February 2012

An update about how we read in this digital era

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A while back, I wrote a post about Kindles and whether we'd see the demise of the good old fashioned bookshop.  I received numerous thoughts and comment, all very interesting points to ponder.
One person commented that he/she used it maybe once, then it got put to the side and forgotten about.
I have to say, since I've had mine (from late December 2011), I have devoured approximately 7 books so far, OK - one was a 'novella' but still.

I got to thinking: does this mean I now value quantity over quality?  Well no, I loved every single book I read, plus the Kindle price was much cheaper.  Here are a list of books I've read and would recommend:

"Are we nearly there yet?" by Ben Hatch
A family's adventure traversing the UK

"Greeks bearing gifts" and Poseidon's Trident, both by Patricia Fenn.  A humorous and ironic read and especially poignant for me as I live in Greece now.

 "Breakfast at the Hotel DeJa Vu" (sorry for the lack of accents) by the ever marvellous Paul Torday.  A Political fiction writer, he certainly makes you think.    This one was a novella/short story.  He's actual claim to fame was "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen", a book I'd highly recommend.

And one I've just finished: "The Woman Before Me" by Ruth Dugall.  Brilliantly priced at just £0.99!

OK, not all Kindle books are that cheap - and I STILL stand by my slight fear that those lovely bookshops with the coffee shops will disappear - but I still like to read paperbacks too.  Actually, think about it - do you buy paperbacks from bookshops even now, or order them on Amazon??  To me, the bookshop is a lovely quiet 'institution' that I hope will never die out - kind of like old Vinyl record stores (but one can't buy coffee there - unless anyone knows of an old LP shop which has a coffee shop out back?)

As ever, comments please.

Oh!  And enjoy this little link about the good old book: 

Long live the book!

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