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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A not so conventional person?

I had a very odd conversation with my dad yesterday on the phone.

Me: "Hi dad"
Dad: "Hi love - I'll call you back." (Bless!  Even at my age, he still likes to save me money)
Me: "Hi again.  Have you heard what's happened in the Maldives?" Click here to see the story
Dad: "Yes - are you worried?"

(For those of you who might be wondering why I might be worried, see my past post about my planned trip next year).

Me: "Yes! But when I went across the Atlantic by container, we were in danger in Colombia too."
Dad: "Yes, but that was from drug lords - this is pirates.
Me: "My agent's told me the ships they take passengers on go at twice the speed of the taken ship, have armed escorts and are high sided."
Dad: "Yes, he's trying to tell you those ships aren't as easy to board.  Listen, there's an element of risk either way - you just have to decide if you want to do it."

THAT'S when I had my thunderbolt moment: I'm a woman in her late 30's, not married, no kids  planning a trip to Oz by container ship from Greece through some bl**dy dangerous waters. WHAT a bizarre conversation to be having.  How many other people would be having this sort of conversation with their dads? 

Do I have a death wish?  I know I have a slightly unhealthy desire to 'be different' and non-conventional, but am I pushing boundaries?
Clearly not too unusual as my agent's told me the trips get booked up with passengers up to a year in advance (let me make myself clear, this is NOT a cruise ship, it's a container ship passage).
Obviously, then, there are people out there like me who also take these trips.

The thing that makes me chuckle is the very laconic style of our conversation (my dad and I).
We finish off with:

Dad: "The problem comes is with the guns.  Clearly you don't want to get shot."
Me: "Hmmmm, clearly not, no. 
Dad: "If it comes to it, the crew will tell you to stay inside, and you must do so, understand?"
Me: "Sure - my agent had also said the problem is with the stupid passengers who want too much adventure and go out on deck."
Dad: "Good, so if you follow your instructions of the Captain, you shouldn't get shot at" (said in a very conversational tone I might add).
Me: "Yes, this might be the one time in my life I actually do as I'm told!"

I will have a serious think about this trip, stay in touch with my agent and keep myself well informed.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Volunteerism and the Kindle

What do I mean by my title?  Well, those that follow this blog (and for all things Greek, don't forget my other superbly popular blog), you'll know in recent posts I've been debating the merits of the Kindle and have drawn the conclusion that I actually read more now (it's just so much EASIER) - yet if I come across a good paperback, will not rule out the chance to devour one.
Image courtesy of: www.inside.org.au

So!  My latest excellent Kindle read?  This fantastic adventure by Tony James Slater (who hails not far from my native part of the UK I hasten to add!), about life as an animal volunteer in Equador. 
It was a book close to my heart as I, too, had spent time in a developing country (Sri Lanka) volunteering, albeit as an English Teacher (I sense another blog post coming on for all you interested readers).  I contacted Tony through his Facebook page to congratulate and thank him for such an entertaining read (and at such a good price too!)
He very kindly responded to me and, as a fellow blogger and trying to get my own novel off the ground, has offered support in any way he can.  Ahhhh - these writers, they're a nice bunch really aren't they?

What am I reading now?  I just HAD to purchase the adventures of a flight attendant, "Around the World in a Bad Mood" and to be honest, I was up 'till 3am reading it!

Thanks, Kindle.  I hope you don't - after the Honeymoon period, decide to up the prices significantly of your books (at least wait 'till I get mine out there!)

Happy Reading everyone!
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