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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Volunteerism and the Kindle

What do I mean by my title?  Well, those that follow this blog (and for all things Greek, don't forget my other superbly popular blog), you'll know in recent posts I've been debating the merits of the Kindle and have drawn the conclusion that I actually read more now (it's just so much EASIER) - yet if I come across a good paperback, will not rule out the chance to devour one.
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So!  My latest excellent Kindle read?  This fantastic adventure by Tony James Slater (who hails not far from my native part of the UK I hasten to add!), about life as an animal volunteer in Equador. 
It was a book close to my heart as I, too, had spent time in a developing country (Sri Lanka) volunteering, albeit as an English Teacher (I sense another blog post coming on for all you interested readers).  I contacted Tony through his Facebook page to congratulate and thank him for such an entertaining read (and at such a good price too!)
He very kindly responded to me and, as a fellow blogger and trying to get my own novel off the ground, has offered support in any way he can.  Ahhhh - these writers, they're a nice bunch really aren't they?

What am I reading now?  I just HAD to purchase the adventures of a flight attendant, "Around the World in a Bad Mood" and to be honest, I was up 'till 3am reading it!

Thanks, Kindle.  I hope you don't - after the Honeymoon period, decide to up the prices significantly of your books (at least wait 'till I get mine out there!)

Happy Reading everyone!

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