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Friday, 22 June 2012

Five Minute Friday - Risk - Life in Greece

Today's topic for Five minute Friday is...Risk.  Write for five minutes, no editing, uninterrupted on this topic...OK...


People think that I take a risk living my life the way I do.  It's no big deal, I am a qualified English Language teacher and enjoy teaching in different cultures.  I have had the pleasure of being about to teach in countries as diverse as Sri Lanka, Egypt and currently, Greece. 
People turn their noses up when they hear I live in Greece, especially when they hear Athens.

"Isn't there a RISK living there?"

Well, isn't it a risk stepping outside your front door every day, wherever you are in the world?   It's not a dangerous country - the people here are friendly, helpful and beyond all that, HUMANE.

Yes, it can be risky - just like in your own countries.  But where would we be in life if we didn't take risks? I took a risk, coming to a strange country to work - and I love it.  It's taught me humanity, broadened my mind and tonight, I will even be supporting my adopted country in the EURO 2012 football (Greece vs Germany).

So go on people - take a risk in life. Don't let fear hold you back.  You could learn something about yourself in the process.



Kaira said...

I think Athens sounds amazing! I have a friend who lives in Greece - what a grand adventurer. :)

Bex said...

Thanks Kaira. Athens and Greece is amazing - it's such a beautiful country. Hope I can encourage others to visit this magical place!

Visit www.leavingcairo.blogspot.com - my other blog for more info about life in Greece.


Joslin said...

I would LOVE to live in Greece! It has been my dream to visit ever since I was young. Everyday is a risk regardless of where you live. You just happen to be living in an amazing part of the world.

lizy-expat-writer said...

People actually think Greece is risky? This time last year a woman who was out shopping here had her head cut off by a lunatic, in the middle of the day, in broad daylight. Living itself is risky but it's got to be done!

Bex said...

Thanks Joslin & Lizy.
WOW! Lizy, I did NOT see that one coming! That is MAD. Yes, life is one big risk. Plus it's short - we have to make the best of it.

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