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Friday, 22 June 2012

5 Minute Friday - PATH

I've joined a Friday challenge: a 5 minute Friday challenge to write about a topic for 5 minutes, completely unedited, etc.

So - here goes!

PATH is today's topic.  My path, I thought, was set out for me.  I had a good job in London, my flat, the car, the cat, etc.  But was I happy?  NO!  I kept feeling something was missing.
Always one to get itchy feet, I assumed as I 'matured' I'd get rid of this feeling, but it just grew.  I got miserable in my job until eventually, in my 30's, I jacked it all in - went to University and am now living in Athens, Greece after having re-trained as an EFL teacher.

Am I happy - you bet!  Is my life secure?  Not really, but then that was what was missing for me - I need a sense of 'insecurity' in a way.  Luckily I don't have kids yet, otherwise that'd surely change.

So it seems my Path has changed, and I am grateful.  Or maybe this was always meant to be my path, but I was on the wrong one originally!  I'm glad I've found my 'Itheca' - my path.  And just because your path might be vastly different from those around you, don't think it's a wrong path.

Whew!  5 minutes isn't a long time eh?

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