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Monday, 9 January 2012

What is it about the sea?

I've been debating which of my blogs to write this - and decided here is best.  Yes, it does involve Greece, but is a general topic so I thought I'd share it with my avid followers here :0)

Yesterday was a sunny day in Athens, but COLD.  Ohhhhhh so cold.  Many might think that Greece is hot and sunny all year round, but in the winter it can be cold - mainly because it's humid, hence the air gets wet and into your bones.

Being as it was so sunny, I had the choice: go for a walk in the Park and have a hot chocolate, or do the same by the sea.  I decided on the latter - and was so glad I did.

Hopping on the tram, I meandered my way down to the coast and watched the mixture of classical and grey buildings whizz by.  After about 30 minutes, these buildings start thinning out, we turn a corner and there - I am confronted with the sea finally.  I IMMEDIATELY felt my spirits lift.  There's something so peaceful about the sea that I can understand one wanting to make their livelihood from it or on it.

There's something beautiful about the Mediterranean sea, even in winter
Sunday blues banished - the mixture of setting sun on the horizon is beautiful.


Anne Marie Smith said...

I agree the sea washes away peoples troubles -feeds people with its sea creatures-cools people down in the heat-sea is one of the most three dangerous things according to that greek saying PYR -fire GYNI-women THALASSA-sea lol all these can destroy! I love the sea it calms me and I can never get enough of it-actually I havent been to the sea for ages..maybe thats why I have been feeling down-MY LOVELY MED SEA IS BECKONING ME - I must try and go soon what with these flu bugs going round and cold I havent been but even a pic of sea makes me happy......amazing isnt it? Amazing wonderful SEA....

DEK said...

The sea is a desert with water, much as certain forests are a desert with trees. Deserts are very peaceful, unless a god is after you, in which case there is no place to hide. But then, the sea can be like that, too.

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