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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Five Minute Friday - Stretch, Cat Yoga

It's that time again!  Write for five minutes, unedited about a topic.  Today's subject is - STRETCH.

One, two, three...GO!

Er, God, this is a difficult one today!  What to write about?  Well,  I have an obsession with cats and can waste many hours just watching them.  One that I looked after recently, Branston, was found in Athens Airport and I looked after him until he was re-homed permanently.
You can see him here, enjoying a Stretch (and Yawn as it turns out).

Cats are great eh?  Very versatile and can STRETCH into all sorts of places.  I often wonder if there's a cat equivalent to yoga - some of their 'poses' look like Yoga ones.



lizy-expat-writer said...

We have a rescue cat too, but she did the choosing by arriving on our terrace 12 years ago. She brought four kittens with her but we re-homed those - there are limits!

Bex said...

Rescue cats are the best :0) My flatmate went and rescued a tiny kitten from a car engine 2 nights ago, so that's another addition to the 'family' of cats. We already have three!

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

I love cats! I've had so many strays...whew.


Bex said...

Me too Teresa. They're very intelligent and loving :0) My current one was knocked over twice by cars, had bones re-connected before she came to me! Read about her on my other blog.

DEK said...

Cats have no need for yoga. Nor would we, were we more like them.

In preparation for a trip to Rome I ran across this couplet:

"So Tiberias might had sat,
Had Tiberias been a cat."

Bex said...

I suppose you could say, DEK, that cats are the epitomy of yoga? I spend many an hour just watching mine. She fascinates me. Yes, us humans can learn a lot from cats and, indeed, animals - and not just in the exercise stakes either. Many a time I've marvelled at the intelligence of my cat.

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