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Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Green Tortoise trip across the States

What's a Green Tortoise?  An animal (crustation??) Well, as I've mentioned here and in my other blog, I've done a lot of travel.  One of my best memories was on board a renovated 1960's Greyhound bus, called the Green Tortoise.  They offered various trips, the one I chose, after an exhausting flight from Fiji to Los Angeles, was a West - East coast trip across the States.
The bus set up was made so that one could sit at tables during the day, and at night converted into one mass sleeping centre.  Here, in pictures (some courtesy of Sarah Williams, fellow traveller as I didn't have a digital camera in 2004, date of this trip) are some of the beautiful highlights:

Our route

Las Vegas baby!!

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon sunset

White Sands National Park (with bus in the background)

White Sands National Park

So if you're looking for a trip where you'll get to experience the highlights of the States in approx. 2.5 weeks, get to meet fantastic people (some of who I am still in touch with 8 years on) and are not a fan of big hotel chains and don't mind pitching in, helping cook delicious meals (all food bought from Trader Joe's - good quality) - this is the trip for you!

Monday, 9 January 2012

What is it about the sea?

I've been debating which of my blogs to write this - and decided here is best.  Yes, it does involve Greece, but is a general topic so I thought I'd share it with my avid followers here :0)

Yesterday was a sunny day in Athens, but COLD.  Ohhhhhh so cold.  Many might think that Greece is hot and sunny all year round, but in the winter it can be cold - mainly because it's humid, hence the air gets wet and into your bones.

Being as it was so sunny, I had the choice: go for a walk in the Park and have a hot chocolate, or do the same by the sea.  I decided on the latter - and was so glad I did.

Hopping on the tram, I meandered my way down to the coast and watched the mixture of classical and grey buildings whizz by.  After about 30 minutes, these buildings start thinning out, we turn a corner and there - I am confronted with the sea finally.  I IMMEDIATELY felt my spirits lift.  There's something so peaceful about the sea that I can understand one wanting to make their livelihood from it or on it.

There's something beautiful about the Mediterranean sea, even in winter
Sunday blues banished - the mixture of setting sun on the horizon is beautiful.
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