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Friday, 6 July 2012

Five Minute Friday - Story

Source: http://cdryan.com/blog/living-the-dream/
Today's topic for Five minute Friday is...Story Write for five minutes, no editing, uninterrupted on this topic...OK...


The other day, I saw a trailer for Matt Damon's "We Bought A Zoo" . Now, I'm not a 'weepy' kinda film gal, but the part that made my ears prick up was when the little girl asks her dad

"Daddy, why don't you read me fairy stories anymore?"

"Because we're living a fairy story sweetheart."

I got to thinking about this concept of living your own story, living the dream.  Is it selfish to create your own story and live it?  That's exactly what I'm doing now: teaching and living in a foreign country.  I feel I'm living in a fairy story.  I've been living it for 3.5 years now (learning the language slowly, getting to know the locals, loving the kids and adults I teach and occasionally writing about it) - but because it's not a 9-5 Monday to Friday existence in drizzly rain, I feel like my life is one big fairy story, and I will awaken with a rude bump one day.

But life doesn't HAVE to be like that.  I am slowly coming around to the fact that it's OK to live your life as YOU want, not how others perceive it should be.

So if there's always something you've wanted to do, make that change in your life, live YOUR life.  Make and create your real, living story.



Farmer's Wyfe said...

This was great! I need to cherish my story, the every day of it, more. So exciting you are living your life to what God wants for you! Enjoy!!!

Bex said...

It is a good feeling isn't it - when you learn to let go of the expectations of others and live YOUR life. Ultimately, you become a better person too.

Melanie said...

YES!!! Love this. As a people-pleaser type, I have found this is a hard lesson for me to learn and remember. Thank you so much for this!!

I'd love to invite you to join in my online Bible study of Ephesians -- starts next week! :)


Bex said...

Thanks Melanie. I'm glad you felt you could relate & I hope you manage to battle those inner 'demons' that like to constantly please others.

Being true to yourself helps others indirectly too.


lizy-expat-writer said...

Lucky girl to be living your own fairy story. We all want to be liked, so probably mos of us try to please others too much.

DEK said...

I don't know if all serious travelers self-romanticize, but any good travel writer does. I think you have to do it to write anything interesting about travel, even if what you happen to publish seems not particularly romantic.

By the way, that might be an interesting subject: what goes on in the head of serious travelers who don't write? Have we any good way to find out? We really only know about those who write about their travels.

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