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Friday, 27 July 2012

Five Minute Friday - Beyond

Today's topic for Five minute Friday is...Beyond. Write for five minutes, no editing, uninterrupted on this topic...OK...


Well, as you can see from this gorgeous skyline picture, I have spent the last few days in London, UK.  I am very excited by this picture because it doesn't just depict the City skyline, but what lays beyond is the Olympic Stadium!  And we all know the opening ceremony is tonight.

Now then, I was privileged to be invited to a tech rehearsal and show around the Olympic Stadium last Wednesday, but have been sworn to secrecy!  You'll just have to watch tonight.

There's a little lesson here too: always look 'beyond' the obvious and see the other side...look through the immediate to see beyond what's in front of our noses.  This will teach us tolerance and respect, make us better people in the long run.



Amy said...

Great and very important lessons! And, how fun for you!

Linda Stoll said...

Yes ... there's always more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye!

lizy-expat-writer said...

Who did you have to bribe and/or sleep with to get that invitation?

Bex said...

Ahhh Lizy - it's not what you know...;0)

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