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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Five Minute Friday - Stretch, Cat Yoga

It's that time again!  Write for five minutes, unedited about a topic.  Today's subject is - STRETCH.

One, two, three...GO!

Er, God, this is a difficult one today!  What to write about?  Well,  I have an obsession with cats and can waste many hours just watching them.  One that I looked after recently, Branston, was found in Athens Airport and I looked after him until he was re-homed permanently.
You can see him here, enjoying a Stretch (and Yawn as it turns out).

Cats are great eh?  Very versatile and can STRETCH into all sorts of places.  I often wonder if there's a cat equivalent to yoga - some of their 'poses' look like Yoga ones.


Friday, 10 August 2012

Five Minute Friday - Connect

This week, Five Minute Friday is all about Connect.  Five minutes to write.  No pausing, editing - just full on writing.  OK:


We all connect in different ways.  Which one is your favourite?  I now live in Athens, Greece away from my family in the UK and find the best way for me to connect is via Facebook, my blog or email (especially to my father who is clueless about blogs and Facebook).

Others prefer mobile phones.  Sometimes technology can be a bad thing though.  How many times have to witnessed (or done this yourself?) people sitting at a table in a cafe/restaurant all texting and not conversing with each other?  I've been guilty of it - but now when I meet a friend, I turn my phone off so I can give him/her my full attention.

Email is an interesting one: you can say so much more without FEAR.  Without fear of confrontation, recriminations and be a lot more expressive.  I've noticed my 78 year old father is much  more comfortable telling me he loves me in an email.  And ironically, this helps him when he sees me!  He has also become more affectionate & huggy.  I suspect the email has helped him express his emotions.

Me?  I prefer face to face where ever possible.  Things get lost in translation, communication can break down.

How about you?  How do you Connect?


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Where did all the REAL, GOOD men go?

At the end of the day, all a woman really wants is the
hunter type who'll keep her safe!  Forget this "new man" bollocks!
Source: http://www.philamuseum.org/collections/permanent/42498.html
I mean, where are they?  You know the ones: they'd catch a rabbit, skin and cook it if they had to (we are coming to the end of the world this year, supposedly, after all).  They are so comfortable in themselves, they lack ego & don't need a bevy of women around them to flirt with them, to keep that ego inflated.
They talk to you without looking at your breasts, they hold an intelligent conversation yet can throw you around the bedroom (if you get what I mean).

Am I asking for too much?  Is there a certain age range I need to be looking at (IE: older men)?  I've been told older men are more comfortable with themselves...but I don't want a geriatric!

Eleni Zoe, a Greek blogger/author of "Hope Dies Last" laments these issues in better detail than I do.  I will ask her for some advice.  But if anyone has any in the meantime IE: where to look?  Nationalities preferred (I have to say, the Greeks are preferable as they're a lot rougher round the edges, less prissy and don't moisturise as much as the 'modern' man).

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