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Friday, 29 June 2012

Five Minute Friday - Dance, Greek style.

Today's topic for Five minute Friday is...Dance. Write for five minutes, no editing, uninterrupted on this topic...OK...


Now then - as you will know from my other blog Leaving Cairo, I am a British gal who lives in Athens, Greece.  Greece is a beautiful country and the Greeks know how to live life.  Part of that living life includes dancing.

Source: http://www.livinginrhodes.com/News.aspx?Page=2
A particular favourite is the traditional dance as seen on "Zorba" - but contrary to popular belief, Greeks do not throw plates.  No, they clap and throw rose petals and this dance is usually performed by a man or a woman in a circle of people - then perform this for the one they love.

Dance can be used across all cultures -  African, Aboriginal, Native American Indian - to celebrate anything: a great feast, a wedding, a successful hunt or, in Greece's case - just a pure celebration of a love of life.

If only we could all rid ourselves of our self consciousness without the aid of alcohol and just DANCE, uninhibited.  We can learn a lot from the Greeks.



amymay said...

Its so interesting to explore other cultures and their history, thanks for sharing about Greece!

Bex said...

Glad you're enjoying reading about this great country. It is interesting to discover different cultures. Dance can help us with that.

Arlee Bird said...

I might dance around if no one is watching--unless I'm in the right frame of mind.

Wrote By Rote

Em-Musing said...

Dancing...it's in my spirit. I'm not one for lingering on lyrics...I move to the beat.

DEK said...

I was told that plate-smashing was suppressed by the Colonels because it got people too excited.

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