Welcome to my new blog!

I already run a successful blog: www.leavingcairo.blogspot.com - a blog about an English girl the wrong side of 35 who finds herself settling (for the moment) in the beautiful country of Greece.
But there's more to Bex, the author - hence "The this 'n' that blog".
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Friday, 30 December 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Those of you who follow my other blog(s) Leaving Cairo and Overland Athens will know that I am not a conventional girl in her 30's.
Not being married with kids can present some questioning "what's wrong with you? Are you a lesbian?" looks, to which I now just shrug my shoulders good naturedly.

It was returning back to the UK (no longer termed as 'home' as I love Greece so much now and feel like an honorary Greek) and chatting to a dear old school friend (also in her mid 30's) that prompted me to start up my third blog. I was moaning over the dreaded FB to her about the British weather and how bored I was, even though I like visiting family. This lead on to a conversation (somehow) about how, as a single person, it is automatically thought that she will be the one to babysit over the holidays - to automatically drop everything she has planned to be there for her niece and nephew. And whilst she loves them to bits, she's getting a little fed up of this expectation - especially as people view her as selfish if she dare to say "No, I need some time to myself."

I can relate totally - it's like 'The Look' crosses over ones face - you know, that 'Look' that says "YOU?? You ALWAYS have plenty of time to yourself, you're single without any kids! What's wrong with you?!"

I also have a dear friend in her 30's in Greece. She's not married with kids, but her sister is. BUT, she is a kindergarten teacher and looks after (wait for it)...30 kids a day! And she works 6 days a week!
On the 7th day, she's asked to babysit her 2 (adorable, admittedly) nephews and once again, she feels obliged to say 'yes' so that she doesn't get 'The Look.'
We met for coffee before I flew 'home' for Christmas - she flopped into the lovely "Friends" Central Perk style sofa and proceeded to breathe out "No more children!!! PLEASE!!!!"

Anything anyone would like to add?  Are those of us withou children selfish to want some 'me' time?  Do you perceive that people without kids CONSTANTLY have 'me' time?

Back to the point of this blog: it will be a hotch potch of different stories that don't fit into the category of living in Greece: life observations, past travel experiences and just general day to day experiences.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my Leaving Cairo blog.  As always, I value feedback so feel free to comment.


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